Welcome to Tomahawk Design – Specially designed metallic pictures

Tomahawk Design designs wall pictures, signs and logos for both private individuals and businesses that are looking for something special. We design according to the customer’s wishes; maybe you have an image that you would like carved out in metal or maybe you just have an idea which we can work on to sketch something out for you. We cooperate with Balk & Hål AB who cut out the signs thanks to their laser technique.


The world map

Our very first project, the map has come to symbolize our firm. It’s now hanging on one of the walls of Balk & Hål AB’s lunchroom. It was this project which inspired the creation of the firm Tomahawk design. After about 45hours for the drawing and final adjustments of it, it is now a finished piece of work.


The map exists in two sizes: 2x1m and 1x0, 5m. It is made of 1mm steel. For more information on its manufacturing see ”Images”.


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